Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck Attractions

Mobile Video Game Truck

Mobile Video Game Truck

The Gamin' Ride Mobile Video Game Truck houses state-of-the-art gaming consoles, high-definition displays, the most popular multiplayer game titles, and proprietary interactive technology that are equipped to entertain over 24 guests at one time. Within seconds of pulling up, the entire theater opens to reveal our cutting-edge, mobile gaming lounge featuring our simulation seating that rumbles to the in-game action! The atmosphere is further enlivened with the aid of our interactive and engaging party hosts, special effect lighting system and interactive candy art station!

Outdoor Laser Tag with Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck

Outdoor Laser Tag

Get your game on with up to 20 of your friends with our interactive indoor/outdoor laser tag. Our Game Gurus Interact with all the guests, make teams and setup Missions. Gamin’ Ride Laser Tag is different than any type you have ever played before. Players of all ages will be engages with games like Capture the Flag, Recover the Prisoner, Save the Guru and more! Our high tech games are fast paced so we can keep the attention of the players. So no matter the age or level of the guests, Outdoor Laser Tag will be fun for everyone!

Bumper Balls with Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck

Bumper Balls

Climb into our one of a kind Bumper Balls! Exclusively offered on Gamin' Ride and available to our clients nationwide. Now a dozen of your friends can play, roll, bump and interact with one another inside our branded Bumper Balls. Perfect for large grassy areas or small front / back lawns. Perfectly safe, perfectly fun, and the perfect attraction for “The Ultimate Interactive Party Experience!"

Sumo Wrestling with Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck

Sumo Wrestling

It's hilarious! It's fun! It's Sumo Wrestling and Gamin' Ride now offers this popular spectator attraction to all of our clients. The Gamin' Ride branded equipment is perfect for guests ages 9 and above. Whether the kids want to verse each other or two adults want to battle it out, Sumo Wrestling creates so much excitement and adds another WOW to your event!

Hydro Wars with Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck

Hydro Wars

Hydro Wars is one of our newest attractions that combines the fun of laser tag with the excitement of getting wet and wild. So whether you decide to have a Hydro Wars party all by itself or combine it with one of our other interactive attractions it is sure to be keep everyone engaged during the battle of the Super Soaker!

IDance DDR with Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck

IDance DDR

iDance is a powerful multiplayer system that engages up to 150 players at one time in a group exercise game that promotes fitness and fun. Everyone is familiar with Dance Dance Revolution, a popular video game in many arcades and even has made its way to the mainstream or home use. The problem with that platform is only two players can interact at one time on the same screen. The iDance system has been designed specifically on a multiplayer platform where each player can play on their own dance platform, on the same screen, with up to three levels at the same time.

Pucker Powder with Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck

Pucker Powder

The first thing all guests see when they board the Gamin' Ride Truck is the Pucker Powder Machine which features six sweet and sour flavors. Each guest receives a 1-foot tube and the guest of honor receives a huge 3-foot tube! The Interactive Candy Experience begins as each guest comes up to the machine and chooses the flavors to fill up their tube. It's just like sand art but with Powder Candy! Why would you just give kids goodie bags? That's boring! Let them get interactive! Order Pucker Powder today!

Party Favors with Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck

Party Favors

Tired of shopping or searching online for the perfect party favors? Let Gamin’ Ride take care of it for you. Choose from our selection of Gamin’ Ride branded novelties or let our Party Planning experts create custom themed favors to remember! Our party favors can be added to any party package or a la carte to any of our entertainment services and attractions.

Plumber Mario at Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck Party


Bring your Ultimate Party Experience to life with a visit from everyone's favorite video game character - Plumber Mario! Our interactive character experiences are sure to be a huge success! Plumber Mario plays video games (especially Mario Kart 8), poses for photos and more with all of your guests! Make sure to add your beloved video game plumber to your Party Experience!

Photo Booth on Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck

Photo Booth

Everyone loves our custom photo booth at our Gamin’ Ride Video Game Truck events. Our engaging Game Gurus help to create memories that last a lifetime at each of our Party Experiences. The ability to create custom photo keepsakes from the Experience and have them ready by the end of the party is truly amazing! From photo folders with the video game characters, photo key chains and custom Thank Yous, our team can produce these Fun Fotos and give them out by the end of the event.

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