Mobile Video Game Truck

Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck brings the fun to you!

Our Mobile Video Game Truck houses state of the art gaming consoles, high-definition displays, the most popular multiplayer game titles, and proprietary interactive technology.

Kids Playing in the Mobile Video Game Truck

The Gamin' Ride parks right in front of your house, at a park, school, office or anywhere you want to get the party started! Within seconds of pulling up, the entire theater opens to reveal our cutting-edge, mobile gaming lounge which features the best in high-definition gaming displays, consoles, and multiplayer software titles. Our theater immerses all boarding guests into an interactive environment courtesy of our proprietary simulator seats that rumble to the in-game action! The atmosphere is further enlivened with the aid of our interactive and engaging party hosts, special effect lighting system, interactive candy art station, and a custom video slide show capturing all the action!

Check Out Our Exterior!

Got the party started on the inside? Keep the party going with our outdoor theater which features a retractable awning and two jumbo-sized HDTV displays sets that are equipped with dedicated Nintendo Wii or Wii U consoles and Satellite TV*.

Group Shot in Front of the Mobile Video Game Truck

How Many Players?

We have video game trucks that are equipped to entertain over 24 guests at one time. All of our gaming stations are connected to all of the major gaming consoles — the Wii or Wii U, PS3, and XBOX 360 — no matter what the weather or which station they have been assigned to, all guests can play their favorite game on their favorite console. There is plenty of room inside for people to sit, stand, walk around, and DANCE! Try doing this in a van.



Our "Game Gurus" Rock!

The entire party is hosted by experienced "Game Gurus" who are well versed with and love games, kids and FUN! Our "Game Gurus" create and sustain the excitement by bringing everyone together and keeping the party going with contests, competitions, and a variety of interactive activities! Your event hosts will also be responsible for capturing the memories and candid "game faces" via our Gamin' Ride Experience Cam. Using all the pictures taken at the event, your event hosts will prepare and produce a 5-minute slideshow accompanied with up-beat, foot-stompin' music for all guests to watch. Within 24 hours of the event end time, those photos will be available online for all guests who received a photo card with a special password to access the gallery with. The party continues with never ending memories!

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Mobile Video Game Truck
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