Corporate Team Building

Gamin' Ride Video Game Truck Rental for Corporate Team Building

Provide your team with a unique, exciting and fun team building experience designed to build teamwork! Gamin' Ride's video game truck interactive attractions will promote better communication, improved productivity and increased effectiveness.

Mobile Video Game Truck – The Ultimate Video Game Experience – up to 24 players at once working together in groups of 4 or 16 participants networked together for the ultimate challenge. Games can be setup as free play or tournament play to encourage friendly inter-department or group competition!

Laser Tag – A true team building exercise as teams of up to 10 participants each compete in high energy games of Capture the Flag, Team Elimination, Control Point, Team Bases, and more.

Sumo Wrestling – What could be more fun than "taking down" your boss? A fun and safe way for co-workers to wrestle for their next promotion!

Hydro Wars – Engage up to 30 participants in an all out water war. Players strategically move around the Hydro Wars course trying to invade the other team's base and flooding their HZone with water. It's like laser tag with super soakers!

And More!!!

Gamin' Ride video game truck arrives stocked with the latest games for the Wii or Wii U, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Game choice categories range from action, sports, adventure, role playing, and racing to singing and dancing.

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