North Jersey's Largest Video Game Truck - Hydro Wars

Hydro Wars is one of our newest attractions that combines the fun of laser tag with the excitement of getting wet and wild. So whether you decide to have a Hydro Wars party all by itself or combine it with one of our other interactive attractions it is sure to be keep everyone engaged during the battle of the Super Soaker!

Hydro Wars is an attraction that engages over 30 guests at the same time. Each player receives their own Super Soaker and unique vest with sensors that fill up with water when they are tagged by an opponent. Players strategically move around the Hydro Wars course trying to invade the other team's base and flooding their HZone with water. Along the way they will encounter opponents trying to protect their base and risk getting tagged themselves. When a player's sensors fill up with water that participant is out of the game and need to be drained before joining the next round.

Each team also receives Hydro Grenades, which can be launched against the other team exploding water all over their HZone, which could win them the game. After each round, both teams will face off at the XSPLATTER where they will quickly pump water in the opponent's water balloon, which is being contained right above their head. The player who pumps the fastest will blast the opponent's balloon soaking them and winning the bonus points.

Hydro Wars is exclusively offered by Gamin' Ride and is an attraction that should not be missed. So whether you are hosting a pool party and need entertainment or you want your guests to Experience something new at your event, Hydro Wars is fast paced, exciting, Wet & Wild!

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