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IDance DDR

iDance is a powerful multiplayer system that engages up to 150 players at one time in a group exercise game that promotes fitness and fun. Everyone is familiar with Dance Dance Revolution, a popular video game in many arcades and even has made its way to the mainstream or home use. The problem with that platform is only two players can interact at one time on the same screen. The iDance system has been designed specifically on a multiplayer platform where each player can play on their own dance platform, on the same screen, with up to three levels at the same time.

Imagine that, up to 150 students, guests or colleagues playing at the same time on the same screen, whether it’s an fitness event, private party, team work or fundraiser challenge.

iDance and Exergaming is a new sector in the video game industry and Gamin’ Ride has created and dominated the Exer-tainment field by producing events and touring schools around the country promoting exercise, health, video games and fun!

Gamin’ Ride also produces school fundraisers called Earn N Burn, where schools Earn Money and students Burn Calories while having fun and being fit all at the same time. With 95% of our qualifying schools raising over $ 10,000, Earn N Burn is a profitable fundraiser that does not require students to have to sell merchandise but rather promote healthy living. Ask our Guest Service Agents to connect you to our Earn N Burn School Team who will find out if your school qualifies and to answer any questions you may have regarding this student centered fundraiser where everyone wins!

If you are planning an event with a lot of guests and need an attraction that engages large audiences at one time or if you want to add iDance to other attractions and give your guests the opportunity to participate in a innovative new fun game where everyone plays on their level at the same time please call our Guest Service Agents and ask them more about iDance.

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