Kids Approve!

Our hardest critics are the children, our guests, and our VIPs! The Video Game Industry is booming and as a result, opening the doors for more casual gamers to get in on the action — parents, grandparents and families altogether are becoming well versed with interactive entertainment.

Our Gamin' Ride theaters are stocked with the most popular multiplayer video game titles and considered the Ultimate Mobile Video Game Lounge for both hardcore and casual gamers alike.

No one plays by themselves on Gamin' Ride. Everything is interactive, allowing over 24 players to play at the same time! You can play the same game or all different games; it is completely up to you. The guests are in control of the amount of fun they want to have on-board.

This isn't your family room! We provide a truly immersive and interactive party Experience on the Gamin' Ride Theater. As the games begin, they realize their seats are vibrating and the surround sound is captivating!

Whether it is the seating, special effect club lighting or music pumping – you know that by the time the Gamin' Ride pulls up, the party has begun. From the moment we pull up, Gamin' Ride helps to set the tone and create the energy. It's a guaranteed fun time! Who doesn't like to have fun? PARTY POOPERS, that's who.

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